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by admin on December 1, 2012

addicted to this woman and now he has to give up more and more of his self to hold onto that life – to hold onto that illusion and pretty soon the illusion blows away and there’s this ogre; this nag.
He turns to alcohol in the woman nags him to get rid of the alcohol because the alcohol has got him and his friends have got him and she hasn’t. Not that she cares for him at all – there’s no caring in nagging – it’s a tug-of-war. When she sees this pathetic creature running around with all different kinds of women – well, why does she stay married to him? Because she likes to forgive him; she likes to feel sorry for him; she likes to hate him; she likes to have contempt for his sniveling weakness; he’s on drugs – she likes to be worried about him – it’s a full-time job away from her miserable self; she likes to continue feeling superior to this wretched creature – as I said, maybe you’ve heard on my show, we like to live by comparison. When were wrong we have to have something more wrong than ourselves to rescue; to degrade; to feel sorry for; to cure. Doctors have this problem that’s why they become doctors for the most part – very rarely for noble reasons I’m sorry to say. The cure will always be a part of the sickness. The more the Dr. helps the patient in the wrong way the more the patient lives longer to become wronger and becomes dependent upon the Dr.
Even if the woman does help the man she can only help him by giving him more of the love that they got married for which only leads to more of the addiction he runs away from. It works if she tries harder to be more of that woman; she has to be that much more of a whore, though to hold onto his addiction; to hold onto his affection.
Now, coming back to the wicked woman. I’ve had many many cases when I’ve help the man and explained to him the things that I’ve told you this evening – and when the man suddenly gave up his alcohol; gave up his other women; started being sensible – it freaked the woman out because now she feels insecure.
Now she feels because the – that is the one thing that cures the problem – your problem – but it will give other people the problem – the people that gave you the problem get it back.
She turned to alcohol; she started running around with other men. Because, you see, what we’re doing is projecting. And when we can’t project, we fail. And when we can’t get a sense of a high out of somebody else’s low; when we can’t degrade another person and get a certain high out of it – for example – a man goes out and gets drunk and he gets his high out of the bottle but the woman gets the high out of the man after he got it from the bottle.
She gets high on having contempt for him and his weakness because each high in her eyes makes him seem a lower animal. He feels superior through his drink but he’s actually inferior – anybody who can see a drunk can see him the way the drunk can’t see himself. So that’s her high; judgment; hatred; contempt – and she may not be drunk because she’s high on his high.
The alcoholics anonymous – they do the same thing. They get high on helping people – it’s a high – it’s a dry drunk. It’s an addiction to the addict. You can have an addiction to the addiction and you can have an addiction to the addict himself. You can be addicted to helping people – giving more and more of yourself like the woman; being too kind; weakening people to need you – giving them too many things – spoiling your children so they need you more and more because they can’t get it themselves. You can be addicted to giving that out.
That’s the liberals and the welfare system that will destroy a family – it will destroy a country.
Independence is what we need. But independence is not what the people who want to rule will permit. They want our addiction because they are addicted to our addiction.
I accuse the medical profession – if there are any members of the medical profession here this evening – I want to go on record, I’m saying this and I’m not withdrawing it, with few exceptions – psychologists; psychiatrists; government; churches; all of the healing arts; the entertainers; the musicians – they are all part of a giant (maybe there unconsciously a part of it) of a giant conspiracy for power at the expense of others.
The lower you sink the higher they get when they keep feeding you with their chemicals; their music; their drugs; their solutions; their pity; their handouts. You can be addicted to handouts! You can hate it and then you can need it. The more you hate it the more insecure you become because you become insecure when you hate it. When you hate anything you’re sinning and you’re actually becoming insecure because the resentment pulls you away from yourself. It introduces helplessness and hopelessness.
Hope is being able to stay calm and resist temptation and when it’s passed you blossom. If somebody gives you a handout and feel sorry for you; insults your dignity – you get angry. But you know that you do need the handout; you do need the few bucks – but it’s humiliating to your pride. If you’ve got pride you resent it. And if you resent it what have you got? You’ve got that sense of hopelessness again – that you can’t do it for yourself. It introduces hopelessness – so you take it – begrudgingly. It’s an addiction.
You may be addicted to your parents the same way. You may not get away from your home. Pride is the factor that has to be free because pride exists in relationship to the powers that be. Pride is the problem. It exists in relationship to the power of the world and you need to seek the secret of salvation from pride. You can’t save yourself from the world – you need to be saved from yourself, in a manner of speaking, from the pride that is in you. It’s pride that’s addicted to being prideful!
Now I’m going to explain the mechanism of this. I’ve run the gamut of the kind of experiences we all have and share – most of you have probably shared in some of those descriptions; identified with them. Now I want to describe to you how it works a little bit more in depth so you know what you’re dealing with. And you may, and what I’m saying and what I’m about to say to you, here the one thing that you need to free you; because in the functioning of your consciousness – in the raising of consciousness to understanding – to the place where understanding lives and breathes life into – there is salvation from everything.
The only problem that you have is pride and pride is a creature of response. Now, pride has to respond to be prideful because it draws the substance of prideful existence through the reaction. In other words, a reaction; a tease to react to – contains the elements of its potential pridefulness. Let me give you an example.
I cannot be a judge if I did not have any people to judge. If I sat on a bench and there were no criminals how can I be a judge? I’d be an ordinary person, right? Okay. Now, I couldn’t be a king – I could sit on the throne if I want to – but unless I have an entourage of courtiers and people who give me tribute – could I be a king? No! I’d be sitting there on a chair like a nincompoop.
Pride exists in relationship to something which supports it. So, as long as you want to be prideful you must not realize that pride is wrong. You agree to that? Makes sense? You must not see that you are prideful or you must not see that there’s anything wrong with it.
But, if you weren’t to reacting you would see that there was something wrong with it because because being still is where you see and movement is where you don’t see. Okay? So therefore it could be said mathematically that pride is a creature of motion and that humility is a creature of rest. If you could be still and know yourself you could experience the things of God. You could experience God! And you’ll experience the identity of God within you. And you’ll become identified with God and dependent upon God for more of your existence.
It is an exact replica – exactly – within yourself, as without yourself.
There are only two states of existence: the internal, for man – animals don’t have an internal – they are only driven by an external motivation. Animals are only external – they are creatures of evolution if you like – products of their environment if you like. So when an animal reacts and all the wheels turn and all of the reinforcement of the animal nature – it’s still not in conflict with any other nature – it’s not untrue to anything – it reacts when it’s true to what it is – it’s one – there is no sin. But when pridefulness reacts it is reinforcing pridefulness, which is Original Sin. Pride is Original Sin. It comes down to us. The original man; the original woman; when they fell from grace – they fell from an inner-relatedness. They fell from an inner-environment; a way of moving; a way of being motivated by conscience; if you like, and inner pressure that no animal can see and you can’t see it yourself – you just experience it if you want to. But then you must be willing – but pride must not be a factor – pride cannot be a factor for this experience. You move and you haven’t got your own existence – you cease to exist – God exists, yet you exist. Okay? That’s how it works.
When pride is a factor another spirit enters in and you cease to exist. Pride enters and exists and you exist as pride – you identify with it. You are consumed by another spirit and identified with a tease of the origin of the fallen human race. You come into the world as through your mother – through the failings of your father – and you’re never corrected of this – you have to grow up to be a little prideful brat – little children are angels and then they get to be 11 years old and, my God, all hell breaks loose. They start to be attracted to all the dumb things. You have to put a leash on them. And if you’re not careful and don’t handle them right you get emotionally involved in their naughtiness and foolishness – even your own reaction will feed their pride. You’ll give into them and you’ll feed their pride. You’ll get mad at them and they’ll get mad at you – you’ll be feeding their pride. You hate them and they hate you – you judge them – you love them and they love you – but, it’s a game – if you love them and they love you – you’ve seduced them. You’re supporting their ego and they’ll become more prideful. They’re not themselves their dependent upon you in your dependent upon them each in their own way. If you’re angry with them you haven’t cured their pride because you’ve become an object of judgment – they hate you and they’ll look down their nose at you, see?
And they become addicted to hating you and they provoke you – they act in such a way – as you do dumb things – and they go on hating you – and they just use you to build their ego – they use your miserable carcass to go on building their ego.
What an agony when the children start to grow up. You have to have your own self in your center because you can’t be involved in the growth of your children – you can be involved in your pridefulness – you always have to be even. When their naughty and they do things which tempt you to hate them – or tempt you to love them – children love attention – if you give them attention you’ll make them sick – and if you get angry with him you’ll make them sick because you give them attention again but in a wrong way.
You have to learn how to relate to those children properly with an evenness.
You see, my children have grown up with pride; they’re all prideful. David is 28 years old and he’s just coming out of that pridefulness. But he realized that he’s prideful – and he also loves his father because I’ve never stopped him from being prideful. Never he’s bounced some of his little naughtiness off of me and played the little game and tried to make me nag him I said to him “David, I know what you’re trying to do. You’re tempting me to nag you. So, you know that you’re doing wrong, don’t you? Right? And you’re putting on pressure so that I should have to say something and then you’ll say to yourself,’ he’s not giving me the freedom’and you’ve got a reason to rebel. You’ve put me in a catch 22 because if I don’t say something you’ll complain to me – well you’ve got the freedom at least to go on doing what you shouldn’t be doing – see – you’re playing games with me and I won’t play – I won’t get fooled into the trap.”
Whether I say it or I don’t say it – when I don’t respond – his ego can’t grow. His ego realizes itself. If you don’t react to your husband – if he comes home drunk one night – okay – remember your being addicted to being angry – because that’s your high – you get a judgment out of his weakness and then when you get angry he goes out and gets drunk again – and there it goes round and round and round – and you get high on his high. You look better than he does – you look like a concerned mother – a concerned woman who is superior to this wretched creature – superiority is what you’re looking for and that’s pridefulness – living in comparison with some wretched creature.
If you stood still for one moment – if you stopped nagging – you to see yourself as you really were: a nagging witch – someone who is making the problem worse for the sake of feeling superior to what is worse than yourself. You’re addicted to the addict.
When your husband comes home, remember, you inherited this sickness – the woman in her way – the man in his way – they support each other’s egos: whether she’s nagging him; whether she’s loving him or seducing him. The relationship becomes steadily worse. Every turn of the wheel – every time she

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