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by admin on December 1, 2012

Now, there is that love tease that supports your ego and you become addicted to this tease – and then you see that behind the love tease their something not so loving. And then you feel trapped and out you go in rebellion. And now you’ve got what you need – another love tease; another woman. And she is going to take the place of the woman you once loved. But then she is going to turn out to be a witch too.
She has to be a witch because if she were a decent girl she wouldn’t have anything to do with you. Right? Okay. (I have a murmur of guilt running through the ladies in the audience)
So now you’re addicted to this woman and you can get married four or five times like that. And you’re not going to solve the problem because each time you swap an addiction; every time you run from one addiction to another which saves you from the last one you get caught up much more surely than the one that saved you. And it could be music; it could be a cult; it could be a church; it could be cigarettes; it could be me, Roy Masters. I’m not excluding myself. I don’t want you to be caught up with me. I want you to stay around and listen. I want you to get what you need and wean yourself away. For example, someone asked me a question a few moments ago and they said “how do you know that we’re addicted to you?”
I said that if you can’t find me on the radio and you panic then you know that you’re addicted to me. See? So you know the person that you’re addicted to as the ground of your being.
I want to explain a principle to you now as I started to say in the opening remarks. You’re intelligent people and I know that there’s been many attempts to try to stop you. Even when you try to stop a baby sucking his thumb, he’s going to suck his thumb more. You’re adding to the frustration. You’re acting as an external conscience. You must not act as an external conscience. The whole trick, if a may use the word trick, is to make a person’s own conscience function on their own behalf. That’s true freedom.
So when you try to tell a child “stop sucking your thumb that’s not good for you” and you start putting poisons on it and bitter things on it, you’re actually making the situation worse. Why is he sucking his thumb? He’s pacifying himself; he’s taking a drink; he sucking on his mother’s nipple; he’s overcome with a sense of security – just touching something. For example, you know that when you are addicted to something how you come alive in the presence of it. Once you become addicted to alcohol it has a way, just being there, turning you on, and making you sin, and making you need the drink to forget the sin. It’s terribly addicting.
So, the babies thumb is like a mother’s breast. The baby is addicted to mother. Maybe the baby was taken away from the breast to soon and experienced a little resentment and still needs that – maybe mother rejected it and the child resents it and that creates a greater need, right; insecurity. When you’re wrong you’re always insecure – so while you have is a breast when you’re a baby.
Now I want you to know that you can be addicted to anything, and if you’ll come to my lecture tomorrow – we have people coming to my lecture tomorrow – I hope all of you will come because you’ll see sites that you wouldn’t believe. I can make a person addicted to a matchstick. I can make a person addicted to a floating feather in the sky and his whole life will revolve around the father in the sky. He’ll get the same feeling that an alcoholic gets from a drink and a man gets from looking at breasts; pardon me; crudeness; it’s really demeaning to the ladies. But why do the ladies allow that? They like it.
When I see all these nude theaters – what a degrading thing for ladies to allow their form; after all, it is your form that is up there exploiting the men and allowing itself to be degraded – I know: it’s the way you look at it. But, women like that. You see, women – there’s something about this power play that wants the addiction. It’s almost like paying homage to the one you’re addicted to. And it’s the only way you’re going to get homage. You see, there’s two forms of homage.
To God goes the glory. Now, that’s only when men are free from addiction. But the only way you’re going to get respect and admiration and love and only the way you’re going to play God is one everyone is addicted to you or to your substance and gives the same attention compulsively to you – because they’ve lost their free will to give it where they should – as you would to the creator within.
So, there’s a game being played with your brain; there’s a game being played with your mind and the people in power know it. Nothing is beyond addiction. You can be addicted to being a snob. You can be addicted to being an educator. You can tease people with education. You can set yourself up as a role model and suck on a pipe. You look like you are an intelligent intellectual and you’ve got it made and you know all the secrets of the universe. Right?
You become a mind molder and you make people think that if they don’t know what you know they’ll be nothing. Then they’ll subject themselves to almost any kind of harassment. Tell people that, unless they get a good education, if they believe that, they believe that lie, if the ego believes it, that they’ll be a garbage collector – a nothing; once you believe that you’re addicted to the knowledge bar.
And they can arrest you – and they can: do you remember – what’s that – the paperchase? Who is that swine? What was his name? Yes, Prof. Kingsfield! That Prof. Kingsfield needed a punch in the nose! He takes minds and then make them mushy and then he molds them. That is the technique! That is a professional tease. He is, as man to man as women are to men; and aggravate her; a tease. Women like to tease men because by teasing their able to shape the man to need the tease. And when you need the tease as a source of life what does the tease become? It becomes God. And the teased becomes the created; addicted.
It will do anything for the life that comes through the tease or the promise that comes with the tease that never can be fulfilled. Which leads me to a point as I meandering here – I want to show you the principle – as I said a few moments ago – you are intelligent people and you must not give up your habits simply because a scientific study says. Because a scientific study can say that marijuana can make your brains melt and your eyes fall out of your head and you’ll still rebel against the authority of it and you’ll still go ahead and search your own independence from the authority of other people; the dictates of other people. You’ll say it’s a lie or you’ll just rebel and you’ll get angry at the attempt to stop you; to interfere with your free will because you tend to think that what you’re doing is your own free will because it becomes that.
For example, the smoker will say, especially a dyed in the wool smoker who’s not ready to face himself, “I could stop smoking if I want to but I don’t want to.” The truth of the matter is he’s taken his compulsion which is really a cover-up of his failing and the failing itself; an addiction; a total loss of free will and his ego is not admitting it. He saying I do this because I want to; I choose to do it! He’s lying to himself. He’s settled the issue with his compulsion. If he could see it was a compulsion he’d be on the way to salvation from it. The trouble is, however, if you do see it’s a compulsion you may resent seeing it and then you’ve got another problem because you resent the means of being saved from it.
For instance, I might say to you, like I said to Henry a little while ago: do you see your rebellion when I pointed out your smoking the cigar – smoking one cigar day? You know I mean it in love. I know you have a bad lung and we love you and we want to see you alive – but, he smokes a little more just because of that. That’s silly.
Now, what I was trying to get him to see is that he’s rebelling – he knows how I mean – but he took me a different way. He made me look like I was one of those other – for a moment – just for a moment – I was one of those people who nag. And that gives a person an excuse to go on doing what they’re doing. Now, of course, I could be one of those people who nag, but even then one should be strong enough to see the point there making. My enemies will often tease me by pointing out my faults. Now if you love someone you do point out their faults because you want them to realize it.
There are some enemies will point out your faults because you know that when you point them out and chide you with them – that you don’t like them – you see, you feel angry, you feel rebellious and you’ll end up doing it more. And then they’ll have a good laugh; because they know that you’re caught up in this catch 22.
So when you see your faults be glad you can see them; when you have a friend or an enemy – be careful of that. Because the enemy could be the source of your salvation if you have the right frame of mind to receive it. Your enemy contempt you – “you’ll never quit – you know – but our should be like us – quit trying – give into your lower nature – it’s the way we are – it’s the way you are man, just accept it.”
They can make you feel silly and feel guilty about trying to change; and there’s enough guilt there. You have to be very mature because I freaked out a lot of my enemies when they pointed out I had a fault – when they expect me to be upset about it and angry about it and frustrated about it and get worse – I got better. I reversed, in a sense, their intent. Sometimes they pretend under the guise of helping you and they know very well that it will get to you.
A give you a perfect example. One of the first cases I came across was a woman who had a daughter who is becoming a prostitute. She was really cheapening herself with all the boys. When she was young she wasn’t so nice. In her mind she had never resolved the guilt of it. Now she was confronted with the innocence of her own child which she was always hovering over as if to be protective. What a dirty trick. Can you imagine the outcome of that? What the child perceived that as: mistrust; and invasion of – an intent to restrict freedom – to impose her will – her idea of goodness on her – on the child – but deep down inside it was really a clever subtle projection of her own nature into that child so that child would be what she was and she would look like the innocent one and the child would be now what she was when she was younger. It’s a game that’s being played.
There are people who don’t want you to be off drugs. You may be a drunk, an alcoholic and you’ve got a nagging wife. And she nags you to stop. She doesn’t want you to stop – maybe she does; maybe she does and a wrong way. Maybe she means for you to really stop but she doesn’t know how to handle you and she gets angry with you and gets upset with you and frustrated because you’re ruining the marriage. Maybe she’s innocent of the effect she is having on you but she’s going to make you worse anyway.
She’s part of the compulsion. She can’t help getting upset with you and you can’t help getting upset with her. With a woman helping a man she’s actually demeaning the man; reducing him; taking his manhood away. After all a woman shouldn’t have to tell a man to be a man. She shouldn’t be like his mother to him.
Maybe that’s the reason why he married her – because she’s like the mother who nagged him – and that way he could always rebel and be free and maintain a sense of freedom. And if he didn’t have something to rebel against he would see what a jerk he was. You have to have something to rebel against to feel like you’re right. You have a cause. So man can marry a woman that nags him just like his mother nagged him and that way he can do the wrong that his mother set up to do as if it was his thing.
But what happens if she stops nagging? He wouldn’t have a cause. He wouldn’t have her wrong to hide his wrong and maintain the rebellion as if that was freedom. You dig that?
But, then there are other women who are wicked, plain wicked. I mean, there are wicked men and there are wicked women but I’m now speaking of wicked women, okay. We’ll talk about wicked men later on. I don’t want to be a male chauvinist pig and I don’t want to drive you women to alcoholism – I want to be fair.
But she could be doing this is a way of maintaining dominance.
Have you ever seen pretty girls in school, how they run around with pimply little kids? And you wonder how can those girls go around with those nothing kids? Has anybody seen that a notice that is sort of strange? But, you can’t understand what that little girl see in that nothing. She hangs on him and she rubs her body against him and their sort of swooning together and this pimply little nothing seems to have it all. What has he got? He’s got weakness. It’s exciting to a woman – that kind of woman – to have power. When you want to dominate you have to have something weak that response to you; something that you can trap and control. Something you can mother if you like – if you want to be like the mother of God married Jesus.
This is often the problem in a male woman relationship because the man married the woman he thought was being loved – he thought that was worship. When the woman got excited over him and that woman whom he has now married and made this warm feeling rise up in him towards the woman because he feels –ah, I’m really something, I’m alive! He’s become alive in a wrong way and he’s

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