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by admin on December 1, 2012

Bill O’Reilly interviewed a psychiatrist in regards to the phenomenal popularity of the Korean music video on YouTube that has reached 800 million views, which is called “Gangnam Style.” Quoted below are some excerpts of this interview. Following this interview is a transcription of a talk given by Roy Masters of the Foundation for Human Understanding. This talk will give you a crystal-clear understanding into the true nature of why we have lost our center and our lives have become so meaningless – so to speak.
Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow: “People don’t want any meaning – it simply conveys you to a distant place – it doesn’t try to convince you of anything – it doesn’t try to raise your emotions. It’s just sort of like a drug and that seems to be what most people want right now; not reality; not feeling; not meaning. It’s the Son of Facebook – the False Face that so many people put on in their lives right now – the lack of insight – is reflected in this video’s popularity.”
Bill O’Reilly: “People want to escape – to numb themselves to some degree.”
Dr. Keith Ablow: “That’s exactly right. This is a global success – why – because globally, folks are losing their center. They don’t want to be reminded of what they think and feel, but more conveyed away from it.”
Bill O’Reilly: “Is there anything wrong with this?”
Dr. Keith Ablow: “To the extent that you revel in things that don’t speak to you – that you use something to transport you away from real thoughts and deep meaning – yes, there’s something wrong with it. It’s the same thing as getting high, but in miniature – it’s very subtle.”

Transcribed talk given by Roy Masters of the Foundation of Human Understanding

Now, how many people here have hangups? (People laughing) Oh good. I’m needed. I want to talk to you about needing me too; because I can be a hangup. Does anybody need me? Yeah, you do need me; it’s an honest need. You see, hopefully, when you begin to understand the things I’m saying for yourself; more of it; there will arrive a certain point or you don’t need me anymore. I will take the place of a father even though I’m may be younger than you. There’s a certain quality that you need for me – whether you’re listening on the radio – or getting to know me a little more personally – there’s a certain quality emanating – hopefully – that takes the place of something; gives you something that you’ve never had as a child.
Now, my children, thank God, have that in me – as their growing up, every little turn of the way – I see them doing something silly or dumb – we sit down or we discuss it. Or while were sitting down to have dinner I’ll talk to him to see how he’s doing with his girlfriend and that sort of thing. The other day I called him up and I said, “I’ve let you play around with your girlfriend for about two years – and you know; I’ve told you that before you’re addicted to your girlfriend; I want you to understand something – I know you have a little pain now. Right now you’re suffering a little pain because it’s too much of a good thing. You’re addicted to this girl¬¬ and you haven’t wanted to admit it before but now it’s hurting. I want you to know something that – whenever a person patronizes you; whenever a person makes you feel that you’re good like God is good and puts you on a pedestal by their undue respect for you – that’s building your ego.
And when your ego is affected thus – I didn’t give him the psychology for it or the reason for it – but, you will have attended to that – feelings; feelings of life. And attending to those feelings are a feeling of gratefulness; like somehow they’ve given you a lease on life; hope. But what that is, is, you’re becoming an animal. You’re changing. You’re no longer the person you were before that game was played with you. And you’re changing – and this changed nature – this feeling nature – this nature that feels in the presence of such love; support – for ego – see – is dependent upon that love.
But I tell you behind that love you’ll find a terrible manipulation. I tell you son that it’s not only women. Everything is that way. Everything that gives you feeling is changing you and causing addiction. And if you really want to find life (of course, what can you really say to a man whose feeling for a girl? Not a whole lot because it blows his brain every time).
I mean, it’s just sort of madness. The Greeks sent condolences when a guy was going to get married. I’m not joking: because he knows a temporary insanity. Suddenly he is against all his friends and his family. He knows no reason. He has an obsession for the woman and he can’t do enough for her. He’s addicted.
And drug addiction is really a variation of the same thing; alcoholism; music; or, even the innocuous things that are socially acceptable. Music is socially acceptable. Music is addicting and it is just as dangerous as a pretty woman; just as dangerous as the worst kind of drug – marijuana; the hard drugs.
Everything is addicting that supports your ego and helps you escape.
The hard thing about giving up anything that’s bad for you; which you may realize is bad for you; when I say – realize is bad for you – not because somebody told you but because you realize it yourself – and you can’t change anything until you know it yourself. You have to know the truth that it is bad for you – not because somebody said it is bad for you. You cannot live according to an external conscience but you can be trapped into rebelling against your own best interests.
The gentleman that I’m staying with, Henry Blaine, he stopped smoking; he’s a terrible smoker and I’ve known him for a long time and he knows how I feel about him, he knows that I love him. He’s a really decent man except this little thing and he’s got this stubborn and rebellious little streak in him; but, he’s a decent man – so he’s smoking a cigar now. I said “Henry, I thought you stop smoking.” He said, “No, the last couple of days since you’ve been here I’ve been smoking more.” I said, “There’s your rebellion – your ego!”
You have to learn – see – he has rebelled – I guess people have told him this and told him that and made him rebel – because you think you’re asserting your own will when you’re rebelling – you’re not. If someone says don’t; you do. And if someone says do; you don’t. But that’s silly because people can play the game of reverse psychology with you.
This is all kind of relevant but I’ll just meander a little bit if you don’t mind because I’ve got a lot of subject to talk about this evening. But this rebellion thing is a good to begin the subject of addiction.
I was in the jewelry business for long time ago. I used to be a diamond cutter. It was one of my professions. I remember one day a man walked into the store and I watched the salesman. He said I’d like to see a watch. The salesman said yes Sir. So, he brings out a watch. He said I don’t think I like that one, what about that one in the case? The salesman said that’s too expensive for you. What do you mean that’s too expensive for me? So the salesman gives him another one other than the one he pointed to. He said but I want to see the one in the case. And the salesman replied that it’s really too expensive for you. Well, he got so angry that he bought it.
Anybody here been that kind of sucker? Has it happened to you?
Be careful now. We’re talking about just little addictions.
One of the laws of the Talmud teach all of the little niceties that you should be discovering for yourself. One of them is is that you should never really wander into a store and start feeling the merchandise. If you start to feel your girlfriend you get hooked, right? You have to take her home with you! You get married! It starts that way doesn’t it? You didn’t intend to buy it in the first place you just wanted to know how it feels.
Well it’s the same thing when you go into a store and you pick up a ring or you pick up something that you kind of admire – it’s an ego thing – you begin to wonder what it’s like to have that on and you start to feel it and you start to want it and you like the feeling. And the longer you hold onto the feeling you have to buy it. You feel too embarrassed – you see, the salesman can obligate you – you kind of want it. You have to be honest with yourself, you can’t afford it, but the salesman makes it possible for you to have it on credit, or something, and out the store you go with this thing and saying what am I doing with this thing and you hate it. And now you have a love-hate relationship with this thing.
Then you have a fight with your husband because you shouldn’t have bought it. But, that’s an addiction. Sometimes you can get a feeling from things; a sense of newness. So you don’t have to be an alcoholic. You can be a kleptomaniac. You can be a person who gets from material things a certain kind of comfort – buy a new car. You see, you don’t notice the addiction when you buy a new car and you buy a lot of things you don’t need. You’re not locked into one thing, you’re buying a lot of things. You have to have something new so that you can feel new. New clothes is like new skin. It represents growing.
We should be constantly renewed within but when we don’t have that renewing within we feel like we’re dying. We feel bored. We have to have something exciting; something new to make us feel new. We involve ourselves with material things. But there’s something about involving ourselves with everything – you see I’ve included everything – from just buying things; listening to music; drugs. Of course there are some things which one should not do. One should not take drugs. It’s foolish. There are some things which you have to give up altogether because your common sense tells you; you can’t have a relationship at all with it. There are some things you have to change your relationship with.
Trouble is, we have a hang up. Because when we start to hurt ourselves with the things we use we hate the thing that hurts us. Maybe we successfully rebel against it; maybe we don’t. If you rebel against something you may end up involving yourself with something else. For instance, you may have a fight with your wife – you’ve got involved with her – and now you find you’re addicted, and your trapped – that’s the way you feel. Now, how do you get away from your wife or this woman that nags you: because behind the pleasure; behind the enjoyment; behind the lie; behind the worship – there is the evil that you eventually must face that has trapped you. And then you find yourself trapped and you want to rebel. Sometimes you can rebel against whatever has trapped to with it; your marijuana; your wife; it doesn’t make a difference. You get angry at what has trapped to and you rebel and maybe your successful. But you can’t rebel without something else to get addicted to.
There is no such thing as freedom from anything you’re addicted to accept that you become addicted to something else. Every psychologist will tell you the same thing. You’re just swapping addictions. You smoke. And now you’ve decided that smoking has a diminishing return – it solved the problem – but then it becomes the problem. How do you deal with that problem? You swap it with another problem. So you solve one problem with another problem and then you start eating. If you stop smoking then you have to start eating. Or, you have to start going to church. Or, you have to go back to women again; which drives you to smoking and drinking again. And then sometimes you’re doing both the same time!
There is an absolute freedom that you must find. If you don’t find this little ground; this freedom; always be going from one thing to another because what saves you – this is really the bottom line – what saves you, claims you.
Now, this is a religious principle but it works – if Satan were saying it. What saves you, claims you.
So, you have a good fight with your wife. You run out of the house. Now, if you don’t have anything to go to; if you don’t have someone who can capture you in that state of that sort of temporary freedom – you’re going to feel anxiety; you’re going to feel guilt; and you’re going to go right back to the woman you hate. Because you can’t live without – tease.

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