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by admin on December 1, 2012

move away from the truth by which light you see you’re not – you see you’re a fraud – you see yourself as you are – so you move away from that which shows you the truth about yourself to some kind of excitement that enhances the lie that is in you – because the life that you’ve built is built on a lie – the lie is what your soul wants to hear.

Not long ago Pres. Carter visited a small island off the coast of Georgia, or maybe it was off the coast of South Carolina and the people there lived a wretched existence. I was watching it on 20/20. They were interviewing the people on this island about their music – and this is when I discovered it – one of the people there said music is all we have, it’s our whole world, it gives us hope. I said to myself, that’s weird. How does music give you hope? I knew there was a clue there – and then it came – anything that takes you away from seeing your hopelessness gives you hope. It doesn’t have to have any words. You can just be music that soothes and massages the ego. Music is so construed and so designed as when people play music for you it is as if it is being played for a king or queen. It’s played only for you. It is an adoration and a total distraction from the hopelessness and you get caught up in the music in the stream, like a mantra.

If you have taken a course with the Maharishi you’re lucky if it didn’t work because you will have become addicted to the mantra – because the music will simply pull you away from the conflict – something you repeat over and over again – and it comes to your rescue when you have a conflict. And when you lose yourself and float in the dream stream – and the sound of it – you’re moving away to oblivion – you’re moving away from the truth of your hopelessness – and when you don’t have the truth to show that you’re hopeless – you have the lie present that gives you a new feeling of hope. You see, the truth always makes you feel hopeless and when the truth isn’t there you can feel hope again.

What takes you away from the truth of your hopelessness gives you a false hope – you live longer – wronger – it’s supportive of your ego. Music is an addiction just like everything else. It seduces you. It soothes you. It offers you an escape – fantasy. It affects your mood – love mood – hate mode – romantic moods – violent moods. It pulls your conscience away from being annihilated. At the very moment your conscience is removed from the point of being annihilated – it is restored – you have hope in yourself – you have excitement – you dance – you do the jig – you feel romantic – those feelings arise – and that gratefulness towards the source of your revival.

Now there’s one thing in common with all addictions and I’ll give you a bottom line to it. When you move – the very second – the very instant that you are tempted or teased – and remember it’s an intelligence that teases you – a life that behind the thing – behind the drug – behind the music – behind the marijuana – behind the matzoh ball soup – behind the cigarettes – behind the entertainer: they know what they are doing.

They are offering a service – an intelligent service – they know that if they can pull your conscience away from your conscience – from the danger of you discovering yourself and being your own person – it will threaten them. I mean, where will all the entertainers be? You’ll notice that as society disintegrates there’s a great emphasis on football and entertainment. The Roman Empire – people spend more and more times drinking and smoking – they will not for one moment leave you. If you belong to a cult – they will not leave you alone for one second – if you belong to one of those heavy churches – they will keep you busy involved with Bible studies and Bible reading and Sunday school class and outings and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. They will keep you busy all the time because they won’t give you a moment to discover yourself because there terrified that you’ll be free from them.

They want them to be the answer so they can play God and they can rule through you. But what they do not realize – it isn’t them that’s ruling through you – it is the spirit that rules you both.

When a woman teases a man and brings him down to her level and she has control over him – if she does – she’s not ruling – it is the spirit that is using her body to implement its hell on this earth.

And when you have changed – when you have disintegrated and have changed – so that your life now revolves around the tease and you’ve become an animal – full of shame and guilt – you’ll also become an enemy of your conscience. And you think that your conscience is the problem – like the kids, they feel so loyal to the drug pushers. Once they’ve taken up drugs they won’t betray the drug pushers. They have a strange sense of loyalty to what is evil. They have a perversion of loyalty. So you in your own mind will think of your conscience is your enemy. And your conscience is your friend. It hurts you. The drug comforts you. But remember, when you’re wrong, you should know that you’re wrong. You should be pained by that wrong. You should suffer the pain and not run from it to the end that you will own up to it – to own up to it so that sure sorry for it – to the end that you capitulate to it.

Now the system is very simple. If you stood still face your problem like a man you will feel the agony of pride – terrible embarrassment. The embarrassment is like falling through that roof naked into a fancy dress ball. It’s a terrible feeling to be embarrassed. It’s a terrible feeling to be wrong. It’s a terrible feeling to be humiliated. It’s a terrible feeling to be exposed. But you NEED that terrible feeling!

It is instinctive to resent it, whatever causes it. But you instinctively – you resent it. It means you’re not ready to receive its impress. You reach for the drink. You reach for the comfort. You reach for that which supports and sustains and takes guilt away so that you can feel right and never wrong. But then you are more wrong and then the conscious is more of an enemy. But it isn’t. It’s not your enemy. It is really your friend. And you must, through experience, see who your friends really are. You used to think the world is your friend – when kids grow up – dumb things start to be attractive. They think these people are their friends – and their comforters – and their drinks – and all the dope – and all the music: this is the ego life.

The truth of the matter is that they’re not their friends – it’s a friend to the wrong part of them – and as a friend to the wrong part it can never save that part except that it saves it for itself. So, you ripen for destruction.

So understand than that if you want to be a man and a woman – a real man and a real woman – the mark of a real man is that he admits he’s wrong. Now you know deep in your heart that I’m right. Some people think that to be a real person is to never admit you’re wrong. I think they even have some music like love is never having to say you’re sorry. Balderdash!

That’s the ego. Egos like to hear things like that. And people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. BALDERDASH!

It’s a ridiculous thing. We’re talking about two forms of comfort – unholy comfort – preserving your ego life – setting you up into greater conflict and becoming an animal. Remember, the moment you preserve your ego – that moment that you reach for that drink – you are rejecting the truth in doing business with the devil.

Yes, you can have what you want and you can be what you want to be in your illusion, but, you have to pay a price – your soul. You are literally – it is no myth – you’re literally giving your soul to the devil in exchange for riches and illusions of love – temporary. You’re literally selling your soul to the devil – no question about it. And you’re afraid of freedom because you know – you think you’re already free – your free from your conscience so you think you’re okay. If your conscience is allowed to come back again you’ll see that you’re a slave in your ego doesn’t want to admit it – that it’s a slave – it doesn’t want to serve a purpose greater than itself. So it doesn’t want to see the truth that it’s a slave because it’s always thought of itself as free so it loses sight of the truth that it’s a slave and it frees itself from realizing that it’s a slave and thinks that it is free and then you can say I can stop smoking if I wanted to. And if you smoke hard enough you can actually believe that.

See what I mean?

The moment you reach – there’s a temptation to reach – for the drugs – remember your reaching toward the temptation and rejecting the truth.

Now I want to get a bottom line bottom line.

The original sin was to reject truth for pride.

Now you didn’t reject truth – there’s no original sin and you in the sense that there was a first time for you – you were born with a pridefulness – you were born with an affinity for the world. That’s why you need parents to protect you from your own affinity because you naturally attract yourself to everything that stupid. And you hate your parents are trying to stop you when it’s really for your own good but you can’t see it because you have a different idea of good, see? You’ve got a blind spot.

Your sin is not an original one. You’re just adding a sin to the sin. Every time you reach for the drink your delaying the process of repentance – your delaying the process of surrender – capitulation. I want to say just one more thing to round it out. If you look how things are made – if you see how things are created – especially you – you’ll see that they are created by a system of pressures. For example, the water is held in place by air in the air puts pressure on the water and of the year wasn’t there the water would bubble away and you wouldn’t have any oceans.

Now, in a very similar way, everything is pressuring itself in order to exist. Even time itself is a pressure. Who knows what time is a motion that at a certain speed causes some of that essence of time to curl around itself because it can’t go faster than it was created to do but when the pressure impulse drives it faster than it can go normally then a little particle of that turns around itself and then now it has a weight to it – a light particle – and that electron hangs in space and the time flows over it. And may be created by time itself – the pressures of time. Everything is created out of pressure. You are created out of pressure – outward pressure – inward pressure – the motivations – the teases – the excitements of the world are a pressure that holds you together egotistically.

You see, you can’t live without the pressure. Some people have to have deadlines. They have to have teases – motivations. We even have classes and motivation. You look for motivators – you even marry one. You can’t live with her and you can’t live without her because without her you fall apart and with her you grow to be an ugly pig. See? What are you going to do?

What you have to do is that you can’t let go of the outer pressure because the pain is intolerable – because you’ll encounter the truth which you are not ready to face. So, I say to you, that when you are ready to face the truth – and you’ll realize an internal pressure in your head – there will be an internal pressure inside you that will come to the fore. When you give up pressure into which you escape – a drug pressure – tease pressure – and excitement pressure – and entertainment pressure – a sex pressure – a music pressure – and aggravation pressure – because that’s the substance of your escape and the substance of your existing through the escape – when you realize the truth you’ll be able to give up the pressure and then you’ll disintegrate and you’ll feel new pressure come to bear from the inside. You start to get weak – you start to fall apart – and a new pressure will come in – and if you stand still for this pressure and don’t move towards get involved with the other pressure preserving your ego – a new creature will be borne that is not addicted to anything.

Did you understand what I just said?

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