The Ten Commandments

by admin on August 19, 2011

A lot of people ask what are the Ten Commandments?   Here below I have provided a list of the Commandments as well as the Precepts of the Catholic Church.  Included are some questions you can ask yourself to see if you are living the spirit of the Commandments, which are essentially the Laws of Love.  Breaking any of the 10 Commandments can be a very serious thing and could be a mortal sin.  I just heard a priest tell a story about his near death experience.  He received a sentence to Hell for eternity, however, through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, he was given a second chance.  There were a couple of things that he said that really caught my attention and raised some hairs.  When asked about certain things in his life, he could only respond, “Yes, that’s true.”  He was unable to offer excuses like, “But I was crabby that day,” or, “He made me do it,” or, “The peer pressure was too great.”  The point he stressed is that he sinned, excuses or not.  We stand alone before God and are accountable to Him only.  Another point the priest mentioned is that overall, he thought he was doing pretty well.


THE FIRST COMMANDMENT: I am the Lord your God; you shall not have strange gods before me.

  1. Have I disobeyed the Commandments of God or of His
    Catholic Church?
  2. Have I refused to accept as true what God has revealed or
    what the Catholic Church proposes for belief?
  3. Have I denied the existence of God?
  4. Have I rejected the Christian faith, associating myself formally with another religion?
  5. Have I formally associated myself with a non-Catholic denomination or sect?
  6. Am I a member of a group which is forbidden to Catholics?
  7. Have I given in to despair concerning the forgiveness of my sins or my salvation?
  8. Have I presumed on God’s mercy, expecting forgiveness without conversion and practicing virtue?
  9. Do I love someone or something more than God?
  10. Does someone or something other than God influence my choices?
  11. Have I engaged in superstitious practices? Have I consulted horoscopes, palm readers, fortunetellers, clairvoyants or mediums?
  12. Have I involved myself in occult practices such as seances, using Ouija boards or the worship of Satan?

THE SECOND COMMANDMENT: You shall not take the Name of the Lord your God in vain.

  1. Have I used the Name of God in cursing or blasphemy?
  2. Have I failed to keep the vows or promises that I have made to God?
  3. Have I spoken about the Church, the Saints or sacred things with irreverence, hatred or defiance?
  4. Have I watched television or movies, or listened to music that treated God, the Church or sacred things irreverently?
  5. Have I used vulgar, suggestive or obscene speech?
  6. Have I used speech to belittle others?
  7. Have I been disrespectful in my behavior in church?
  8. Have I misused places or things set apart for the worship of God?

THE THIRD COMMANDMENT: Remember to keep Holy the Sabbath Day.

  1. Have I set aside time each day for personal prayer to God?
  2. Have I worshipped God at Mass on Sunday and the other Holy Days of Obligation?
  3. Have I committed a sacrilege against the Blessed Sacrament?
  4. Have I received a Sacrament while in the state of Mortal Sin?
  5. Did I habitually come late to and/or leave early from Mass without good reason?
  6. Did I do unnecessary shopping and business on Sunday and the other Holy Days of Obligation?
  7. Did I do unnecessary labor on Sunday and the other Holy Days of Obligation?

THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT: Honor your father and your mother.

  1. If still under the care of my parents, did I obey all that they reasonably asked of me?
  2. Have I neglected the needs of my parents in their old age or in their time of need?
  3. If still in school, did I obey the reasonable demands of my teachers?
  4. As a parent, have I neglected to give my children the proper food, clothing, shelter, education, discipline and care?
  5. Have I provided for the religious education and formation of my children for as long as they are under my care?
  6. Have I taken care to see that my children still under my care regularly frequent the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion?
  7. Have a chosen a school for my children which corresponds to my religious convictions and which helps me in my role as the primary educator of my children?
  8. If it is not possible to enroll my children in a Catholic school, have I seen to it that they attend religious instruction all through their school years, even after Confirmation?
  9. Have I provided my children with a positive, prudent and personalized education in the Catholic teaching on human sexuality?
  10. Have I given my children a good example of how to live the Catholic faith?
  11. Have I prayed with and for my children?
  12. Do I live in humble obedience to those who legitimately exercise authority over me?
  13. Have I broken the law?
  14. Have I supported or voted for a politician whose positions are opposed to the teachings of Christ and His Catholic Church?

THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT: You shall not kill.

  1. Have I unjustly and intentionally killed a human being?
  2. Have I procured, performed, cooperated or advised another in the intentional killing of an unborn child through abortion?
  3. Did I deliberately try to induce a miscarriage? Did I remain silent when another was planning an abortion?
  4. Have I seriously considered or attempted suicide?
  5. Have I supported, promoted or encouraged the practice of assisted suicide or mercy killing?
  6. Have I deliberately decided to kill an innocent human being?
  7. Have I unjustly inflicted bodily harm on another person?
  8. Have I unjustly threatened another person with bodily harm?
  9. Have I inflicted another person with verbal or emotional abuse?
  10. Have I hated another to the point of wishing him evil?
  11. Am I prejudiced or have I unjustly discriminated against others because of their race, color, nationality, gender or religion?
  12. Do I belong to a hate group?
  13. Did I purposely provoke another by teasing or nagging?
  14. Did I, by my actions, recklessly endanger my life or health, or that of another person?
  15. Did I operate any form of transportation recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs?
  16. Have I abused alcohol or other drugs?
  17. Have I sold or given drugs to others to use for non-therapeutic purposes?
  18. Have I been immoderate in my use of tobacco?
  19. Have I over­ eaten?
  20. Have I been immoderate in my use of diets or diet pills?
  21. Have I encouraged others to sin by giving scandal?

THE SIXTH COMMANDMENT: You shall not commit adultery.

THE NINTH COMMANDMENT: You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.

  1. Do I make an effort to practice the virtue of chastity?
  2. Have I given in to lust, the desire for sexual pleasure unrelated to spousal love in marriage? Have I lacked fidelity in desire?
  3. Have I used artificial means of birth control?
  4. Have I participated in immoral techniques for in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination?
  5. Have I undergone an operation to render myself sterile for contraceptive purposes?
  6. Have I willfully entertained impure thoughts? Have I purchased or made use of sexual pornography in any form?
  7. Have I watched movies and television that involve sex and nudity?
  8. Have I gone to inappropriate live entertainment?
  9. Have I listened to music or jokes that are harmful to purity?
  10. Have I committed adultery, having sexual relations with someone who is married or with someone other than my spouse? Or with a consecrated person?
  11. Have I committed incest, having sexual relations with a relative or in-law?
  12. Have I committed fornication, having sexual relations with someone of the opposite sex when neither of us is married?
  13. Have I committed sodomy, having sexual relations with someone of the same sex?
  14. Have I raped someone?
  15. Have I committed masturbation, using my sexual organs for my own sexual pleasure?
  16. Have I engaged in sexual foreplay reserved for marriage? Or passionate kissing?
  17. Have I preyed upon children or youth for my sexual pleasure? If molested, did I become a willing participant?
  18. Have I engaged in unnatural sexual activities? (person-pet)
  19. Have I engaged in prostitution, or paid for the services of a prostitute? Have I gone to immoral bars?
  20. Have I set out to seduce someone or allowed myself to be seduced?
  21. Have I made uninvited and unwelcome sexual advances toward another?
  22. Have I purposely dressed immodestly?

THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT: You shall not steal.

THE TENTH COMMANDMENT: You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.

  1. Do I try to live in a spirit of gospel poverty and simplicity?
  2. Have I failed to practice the works of mercy?
  3. Am I envious of others because of their possessions?
  4. Did I take something that doesn’t belong to me against the reasonable will of the owner?
  5. Did I deface, destroy or lose another’s property without making restitution?
  6. Did I cheat on a test, on my taxes, in business, or in games of chance?
  7. Have I squandered money on impulsive gambling?
  8. Did I make a false claim to an insurance company?
  9. Do I pay employees a living wage, or fail to give a full day’s work for a full day’s pay?
  10. Have I failed to honor my part of a contract?
  11. Did I fail to make good on a debt?
  12. Did I take advantage of another’s hardship or ignorance by charging more for a product than it is worth?
  13. Have I misused natural resources?
  14. Have I treated animals cruelly, causing them to suffer or die needlessly?

THE EIGHTH COMMANDMENT: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

  1. Did I knowingly and willfully deceive another by speaking a falsehood?
  2. Did I perjure myself under oath?
  3. Am I guilty of passing on gossip?
  4. Am I guilty of detraction, destroying a person’s reputation by telling others about his faults for no good reason?
  5. Am I guilty of slander or calumny, telling lies about another person in order to destroy his reputation?
  6. Am I guilty of libel, writing lies about another person in order to destroy his reputation?
  7. Am I guilty of rash judgment, assuming the worst of another person based on circumstantial evidence?
  8. Have I failed to make reparation for a lie I told, or for harm done to a person’s reputation?
  9. Did I fail to speak out in defense of the Catholic Faith, the Church, or of another person?
  10. Did I betray another’s confidence through speech?

THE PRECEPTS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH – These are the minimum requirements of practicing Catholics

THE FIRST PRECEPT: You shall attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. (See under Third Commandment)

THE SECOND PRECEPT: You shall confess your sins at least once a year.

105.  Have I made a good Confession of my mortal sins at least once a year?

106.  Did I purposefully omit telling my mortal sins in my last Confession?

107.  Did I perform the penance I was given?

108.  Have I made reparation for any harm 1 have done to others?

THE THIRD PRECEPT: You shall humbly receive your Creator in Holy Communion at least during the Easter Season.

109.  Have I fulfilled my Easter duty to receive Holy Communion at least once between the First Sunday of Lent and Trinity Sunday?

110.  Have I received Holy Communion while in the state of mortal sin?

111 .  Have I fasted an hour before receiving Holy Communion?

112.  Have I received Holy Communion more than twice in one day?

THE FOURTH PRECEPT: You shall keep Holy the Holy Days of Obligation. (See under Third Commandment)

THE FIFTH PRECEPT: You shall observe the prescribed days for fast and abstinence.

113.  Do I do penance every Friday of the year, if not abstaining from meat, then some other form of penance?

114.  If I am 14 years of age or older, did I abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday and the Fridays during Lent?

115.  If I am between the ages of 18 and 59, did I fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday?

116.  Do I try to spend some time in prayer, doing spiritual and corporal works of mercy, and practicing self-denial?

THE SIXTH PRECEPT: You shall contribute to the support of the Catholic Church.

117.  Do I contribute a just amount of my time, talent and money to support my parish and the work of the Church?

THE SEVENTH PRECEPT: You shall observe the laws of the Catholic Church concerning marriage.

118.   Am I living in a valid and licit marriage according to the laws of the Catholic Church?

119.  Have I abandoned my spouse and family by separation or divorce? Have I denied my spouse conjugal rights?

120.  Have I been keeping company with someone whom I cannot marry in the Catholic Church?

121.  Have I given scandal by living with a member of the opposite sex without the benefit of a marriage blessed by the Catholic Church?

122.  Have I entered into marriage with more than one person at the same time?

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