That We Owe Much to God for Having Made Prayer So Easy for Us a Thing at Once So Excellent and So Necessary

by admin on July 10, 2011

IT will be reasonable for us to consider and ponder here the great and singular favor that the Lord has done us. Prayer being in itself a thing so high and excellent and on the other hand so necessary for us, God has made it so easy for all that it is always in our power to take to it in every place and at every time. With me is prayer to make to God who giveth me life, says the Prophet David (Psalm xli. 9). The gates of God’s mercy are never closed; they are wide open to all at every time and at every hour. We shall always find Him disengaged and desirous to do us good, and even soliciting us to ask. There is an excellent reflec­tion that is often made to this effect. If God were to give leave once a month only for all who would to go in and address Him, promising to give them an audience willingly and to do them favors, it would be a boon highly valued, as it would be if a temporal king made a similar offer. How much more reasonable is it that we should value the offer and invitation that God makes us herein, not merely once a month, but every day and many times a day! At night and at morning and at midday and in the afternoon, says the prophet, embracing all times, I will tell and put before God (Psalm liv. 18) my labors and miseries, in full confi­dence that every time and at whatever hour I approach Him He will hear me and do me favors. God is not like men, annoyed at being asked, for, unlike them, He is none the poorer for giving. A man has so much the less, by how much he bestows on another; he robs himself of that which he gives and is the poorer for his liberality. It is for this reason, then, that men are annoyed at being asked; and if they give once or twice with good will, they are tired of it the third time, and give nothing or give in such a way that they are never asked again. God, as St. Paul says, is rich and liberal to all who call upon him, (Rom. x. 12). He is infinitely rich; and as He makes Himself none the poorer by giving, so He is not angry nor weary at people asking of Him, though it be every minute and He have the whole world begging at His door. He is rich enough for all and to enrich all, without ceasing to be as rich as before; and as the fund of His riches is infinite, so also the source of His mercy is inexhaustible, to meet the needs of all; and He desires that we should beg of Him and have recourse to Him very frequently. It will be reasonable, then, for us to acknowledge and be grateful for so great a favor and bene­fit and to make the best of so large and advantageous a licence, taking care to be very assiduous in prayer. For, as St. Augustine says upon these words of the psalmist: Blessed be our Lord, who has not deprived me of my prayer nor of his mercy. We must believe for certain that if God withdraw not from us the spirit of prayer, neither will He withdraw His mercy. Wherefore, that His mercy may never forsake us, let us never leave off the exercise of prayer.

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Barb Heyrman July 11, 2011 at 12:20 PM

See and you will find/ Knock and the door will be opened

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